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Supervisory Competence Assessments

Supervisors are expected to ‘have the necessary coaching and assessment skills as well as the technical knowledge to act as a competent supervisor and assessor.’  There are a number of ways evidence of such competence can be obtained. Without proof of supervisory competence it is difficult to verify the accuracy of their assessments.  

Our suggested approach requires delegates to undertake a series of assessments to produce a portfolio of evidence to confirm their ability to perform these key tasks. Each delegate will receive an individual report. The competency assessments are normally run on your own premises.

 Competency Assessment Possible Components

· FCA T&C requirements—test

· Explain to Me—Understanding of assessment & coaching.  Written assessment

· Use of observation aid—DVD assessment

· Errors within a regulated sale (optional) - Written exercise

· MI review  - case study

· File Check—generic exercise (optional)

· Coaching and feedback—role play

· Development plan—written exercise

The Competency Assessment will be designed to match your specific requirements.

We are happy to use materials that you provide or indeed undertake the design of specific exercises to include in the assessment centre


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