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T&C Scheme Design

We find the best way to design a T&C scheme is to work closely with you and develop an approach that ties into:

Your culture and values

Your business goals and objectives

Your customer proposition

Your appetite for risk

Your business capability

We help build a scheme that recognises and uses the best practices you have built up in your business or those you wish to add into your business.

We use your processes, policies, procedures, systems, forms and business language wherever we can and involve and engage your staff in the design process to help ensure you recognise and take ownership of something that looks and feels familiar.

We use our expertise to ensure that your scheme complies with the TC sourcebook and associated regulations but the scheme remains an enabler for your business.

Firms are happy to adapt our approach for areas within their business that are not directly affected by the TC sourcebook but like the way we approach and address the challenges of competence.

Working with you we help ensure you end up with a scheme that works for you, is sustainable by you and will keep the regulator happy and deliver the consumer outcomes you seek.

We have been engaged in T&C Scheme design for over 20 years and are happy to share this experience and support with you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements


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